Getting Healthy with Simple Steps

By Dessalines Sealy i heart veggies

When it comes to health, there are so many people in America that associate healthcare as the “Affordable Health Care Act”.  Many people know of this law as “Obama Care” and are putting their health in the hands of other people.  Hopefully once people realize that they can take their health into their own hands, they can take the steps to disease prevention. With this knowledge it can be huge to the population at large because many people face an onslaught of health issues.

While I will agree that many people need to get healthy, I would say that relying on the health care systems is not what should be first and foremost on people’s mind.  We all have to take responsibility for our own health.  It is easy to say that a doctor or a health practitioner is going to fix you up, or maybe all they can do is to sooth your diseased tissues.

I feel that there is an underlying fear of people wanting to take control of their own health.  People are addicted to their habits of eating.  Many times what people are consuming is slowing poisoning them.  Thus people are engaging in a slow suicide.  They are consumed by the rituals which have been passed from generation to generation. Present in their family, communities and religious institutions as well. Of course breaking them can be a challenge but can be done.  That fear can and should be eradicated and that can happen rather easily. It is done by educating the unaware and then giving them baby steps to make changes.

When you incorporate new habits into your life, it sets you on a journey towards a new destiny.  That destiny becomes your new reality. As glowing spirits wrapped in divine temples we have to learn how to incorporate uplifting habits into our lives. Instead of following self-defeating and self-sabotaging rituals that destroy us; we can find new habits that truly uplift and empower us.

Do you comprehend that what you do sets an example and creates a ripple effect not only for your mind, body and spirit, but it also for those that follow your lead? Is it really?  You have to be honest with yourself.  I hope that some of these simple steps will help you overcome the fear of getting healthy.   Peace…

Simple steps to get you started

*You can start by incorporating more raw fruits and vegetables as well as their juices into your daily regimen.  You can find a variety of recipes on you tube on how to make smoothies and delicious salads.

*You can integrate walking a least one block per day into your daily routine. Increase the amount of blocks you walk in systematic intervals. You can increase the amount of blocks you walk every few days until you reach a number that is comfortable for you. 

*You can take healing baths that make your body more alkaline. This can be done up to 3 times per week. You do this by adding the juice of a green vegetable such as cilantro or parsley to your bath water.  If you have a blender, you just add the contents of rinsed greens to the blender and blend. Afterwards use a strainer to get rid of the pulp and add the contents to your bath water. Once you do that, you have an alkaline bath.

*You can replace tap water with distilled water, alkaline water, or oxygenated water.  A healthy body circulates healthy water.

*You can swap your skin care products with products that do not have mineral or petroleum oils in them. They are acidic in nature.  Instead the two types of oil that I recommend are cold pressed coconut oil and shea butter oil. These oils are organic, alkaline, and heal the body.


Dessalines Sealy is our resident Holistic health and wellness expert. You can find Dessalines @,

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RLR Book Review Spotlight: The Laws of Thinking by Bishop E. Bernard Jordan

download  Book Review By B.B. Hubbard

Right before my weekly session with my mentor M.A. Rasheed, he happened to let me view one of his books he had with him that day. As I started to look over the text, immediately the heading pulled me in: “God in not a noun”. With that powerful statement I was intrigued and continued reading on, “God is a verb”. As I kept reading, it filled me as if I just drank a cold glass of water. What was so refreshing is that I didn’t realize just how thirsty I was! If you too are feeling that thirst, The Laws of Thinking is that book that will quench it. This is a book rooted in spirituality and what I like to call “mind science”. Anytime a book can reveal your inner being, it’s a book of blessings. The Laws of Thinking is a straight forward, insightful, inspiring and uplifting read. It’s a perfect study guide for the individual to have on their journey of discovery.

            The Laws of thinking extract examples from the Old and New Testament. It discuss how you get to Source; how to find an understanding of Source; and finally a new insight that you are Source. One of the most inspirational quotes is in first chapter entitled, “The Law of Becoming”. Which says: “You must be in alignment of purpose with God if your actions are to bring forth the manifestation he desires”. Here, master key is just the first few pages. I want to emphasize again that this quote is one of the most inspiring quotes.

This book has done so much for me. For starters it has impacted my life I ways I have never known. It continues to inspire me to search within for the treasure of life, which happens to be the treasures in finding my own riches. Prosperity teaching is that you have to first think it, in order to have it. This notion has been taught by the late greats such as Ike Goddard; Napoleon Hill; Florence S. Shinn; and Les Brown.

They all expounded on the same point: the way to Source within you. The individual can achieve all that he or she desires if you understand the principle of Source Alignment. Although this knowledge isn’t new, through its usage you can achieve new things in your life.

            The Laws of Thinking tackles the misconception of not fully understanding source into understanding you are Source. This message written in The Laws of Thinking was hidden from the masses in ancient times to keep the masses ignorant. Unfortunately, today this message is diluted in many of our places of worship. And in some cases the spiritual leaders, sit on top, staying paid and living large, while their congregation lives in a state of destitution.

            The laws of Thinking is a must read, a study guide that you can’t read once. There are life principles to elevate your spirit; motivate your being; inspire you to take action and expand the mind. This book has volumes of examples that are useful beyond the book. It can help with your overall life experience. The Laws of Thinking is a concise book on how to understand Source and how Source works. It does so in a straight forward approach and in simple terms.

Personally I find myself absorbed in this book holding on to every word in every sentence. I am addicted to the laws because it speaks to my spirit. Bishop Bernard is a great writer and has taken the word and simplified it with strategic examples. The bishop’s style is outside the box without religious doctrine and dogma. Many men of the cloth in my opinion are closed minded and judgmental but his writing style is unorthodox and down to earth. The Laws of Thinking principles can touch you deep in your being because these words are charged with the Source’s divine message. That message being: I am of Source. Many books are scripture driven; a complex way that’s hard to decipher. However, this book is easy to understand. Through my own spiritual studies, as I read my mind expands because I now understand I am of Source.

B.B. Hubbard is a RLR student and a feature contributor.

Healthy Living with Dessalines Sealy: Breaking Through to Good Health

By Dessalines Sealy

What is a breakthrough as a sign to good health?  To keep it simple I would say it can boil down to one word; that word is relief.  It should be clear to anyone that has ever been sick or suffered ill health that they could feel pain and discomfort.  But you always knew you were getting better when you felt relief. If you want to experience breakthroughs in your health, you may want to practice the actions and thoughts that will lead to a FEELING of RELIEF.  If a person is seeking to better their health stays the course can expect to feel a few things. As I mentioned before relief is first, then contentment, and then finally a general state of wellbeing begins to flow throughout the mind, body & spirit.

Achieving breakthroughs for the health of your mind, body and spirit is easy once you have the blueprint.  However, I want to make it clear that having the blueprint is not enough. Especially if you don’t act upon what you’ve learned and internalized.  What you want to do if you’re experiencing some type of health issue? For starters you should be truthful about what you’re going through.  Are you experiencing pain in your legs, limbs, joints, heart, head, back, mouth, neck, arms or is your eyesight deteriorating?  If the answer is affirmative then you know you are experiencing problems and your body is giving you signal in the form of pain to let you know that it needs to go a different course.  In other words, pain is a breakthrough in telling you what new direction you should be traveling.

If I was setting up a regimen to achieve breakthroughs in my health I would do some very simple actions daily, starting with:

  1. Commit to meditating at least 15 minutes a day

  2. Commit to doing at least 10 to 15 minutes of deep breathing daily

  3. Drink 32 to 64 ounces of live juices daily

  4. Eat at least 3 fresh fruits of live vegetables daily. (Of course that is if you’re not fasting)

  5. Fast without food 1 to 3 days every week.

  6. Commit to develop a habit of asking myself empowering questions such as:

  • Why do I appreciate people?

  • What is beautiful about rain?

  • On my commute to my job what do I find fascinating?

  • What 50 qualities can I see in a person that has done me wrong?

When you act upon and start doing things that: calm your mind; hydrates your body with living waters; bring more oxygen throughout your body and you start assimilating food substances that unclog your body; you will get health breakthroughs.  How will know when you have broken through?  You will feel it. What will you feel?  You will feel relief and eventually bliss.  All you have to do is practice simple disciplines daily and your breakthrough will come rather quickly and often.

You can find Dessalines onFacebook at Fasting Weekly with Dess

Changing Perspectives: Finding a way to break through negativity

By Justin Anthony Bucci

In order for you to succeed in the path you so solemnly chosen, you must first take control of that powerful force between your ears! This majestic force is none other than your brain! It has the ability to change thought at an instant and manifest the most devious and dangerous of ideas!

“If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.” – Bruce Lee

The thoughts that you think the most tend to be what you need to either fix or want.  You indeed are what you think every day, so control your process and control your destiny. 

An example is if you are thinking of debt then that’s what will come your way, but if you think of fortune and debt free, it will so be! The easiest thing you can do is use your mind like a powerful remote control! You must turn the channel every time a negative or misleading thought enters! Never be down or hard on yourself, you are born free and your mind needs to be conditioned better! It isn’t bad luck or misfortune; it is the simple act of taming the beast.You must tame your mind and know its powers, for you control it. Then you shall control your future and destiny.

I have studied ways of conditioning and the best is to as following:

  1. Replace negativity with positive reinforcement, for every bad thought think two good thoughts!
  2. Fill your mind with powerful inspiration and motivational audios and excerpts. 
  3. Remove yourself from all negativity and potential destructive situations. 
  4. Bound yourself to forever improvement and become one with your mind.

For if you do that you will have broken through the chains of an imprisoned mind and have a free mind that becomes powerful and knows no boundaries! This is where you will be once you have learned to take the first step and break through your old habits and beliefs and step into a new world of hope, inspiration and absolute motivation. I encourage you to reflect on the positives in your life and see how far you have already come. Now it’s up to you to continue the path of prosperity and live the life that you deserve.

Justin Anthony Bucci is an exclusive writer for RLR Monthly Magazine and an emerging star in the self-growth industry. 

Publisher’s Message: Be Prepared to Breakthrough! (From the September 2014 Issue)

By M.A. Rasheed

Breaking through is a major mainstay in unlocking your latent potential in all things. At R.L.R we say these things are the NORM. We teach individuals, students and our clients who desire high performance how to begin the journey to achieve a breakthrough. Controlling your emotional state, irrespective of circumstances that may be challenging is something you too can master. Through such practices as meditation, relaxed breathing, and the learning of proper Core Energy Mobilization, is just some of the basics you can use to lay the groundwork for your own breakthrough. Our unique training modules programs have been called the most powerful Self-Awareness Study curriculum on the planet!! Do you now know what you desire, exactly how are these desires being expressed to your sub-conscious minds and thus thru the ether?

First your only job is to declare, with CERTAINTY and here’s the key….THEN KEEP AN EXPECTANT ATTITUDE! Voila! That last part is the key, you must truly EXPECT! Do this in your daily thoughts and moreover always watch the emotions which govern your thoughts. Remember ALL thoughts have vibratory energy attached to them. Yep no misprint guys, ALL YOUR THOUGHTS! Now getting back to expectations. As my industry expert colleague; the gifted and knowledgeable Iyanla Vanzant once remarked, “The universe does not give us what we want, but more accurately WHAT WE EXPECT!”  She’s Right! Our desires should have an “Expectancy component” to them. Belief is merely not enough– let’s shoot for EXPECTANCY! (I guess the great book “the Secret” left that little part out…but I still love “the Secret”) Nevertheless, this is truly the key! Especially if you want the Valuable assistance and Spiritual leverage the Awesome Power of the Universe can provide on your behalf. Desire should consist of not just belief as you have been lead to “believe” (no pun intended lol) bur certitude emblazoned with it, is the master key… EXPECTANCY! Expect the desired Outcome. Now that’s a great Real Life Renewal Jewel, not dropped on you but given to you as a valuable subscriber who now is in the REAL LIFE RENEWAL KNOW ZONE!

So here’s what I EXPECT right now from you guys (I’m certain that I have the smartest readers on the planet. You guys understand that personal growth is truly the cornerstone to a great life so here goes (I know you’ll all take this seriously).

  1. I expect YOU ALL to be grateful every day!  First thing in the morning rejoice YOU’RE ALIVE! Feel the blood pumping through your veins and the crisp air filling your lungs; you’re alive baby!
  1. Remember, we all come from the same womb whether we’re blood related or not, we ARE all Family. We’re the human Family and thus come from the womb of God. So embrace each other people!
  1. Share Agape love. As you would your own beloved family members, blood relation matters not. Give the same agape love to all, whether they’re related to you or not.
  1. Be teachable as often as possible. That means be willing to accept new concepts, new information and new perspectives. That way you could challenge your old assumptions, outdated paradigms and old funky habitual thought patterns. This would stimulate growth in all areas of your life.” As a man thinketh so is he said the wise sage.
  1. You’re now to be more SPIRITUALLY aligned and engaged living in the NOW; THE PRESENT! Stop worrying about the past that’s the past. Let go of setbacks, wrong doings by others, misfortunes and setbacks and truly learn to remind yourself to see every man (experience too) as neither friend nor foe but all as your teachers”. As far as the future, let it happen organically! You don’t have to wait for a future event to start living in the NOW. Start being engaged and joyous. Again, stop living in the past, that’s for historians, they do it best.  Stay presently engaged in the moment, truly live in the Now.
  1. Be more harmonious, cheerful and have fun! Irrespective of the attitudes of the masses and common conscious ignorance of flaky people, you have the divine right to enjoy your life! And yes if you want to laugh at times for no damn reason in this great game of life then just DO IT! You don’t need permission, DAMN it Laugh!
  1. Lucky #7 and the last on our master list—Start this as an affirmation. You should write it out on paper, and then verbalize it daily for 90 days several times a day. *For best results recite these affirmations just before drifting off to sleep therefore inserting these desires into your subconscious mind. Another nugget is you can record the same to a personalized CD or audio file—as I and my staff do). Start it like this “I am so Happy and grateful NOW THAT… (Now just describe what it is that you desire but in the present tense as though you already achieved and experienced it!) So we end these simple priceless daily steps just as we started them with you guessed it GRATITUDE! Gratitude mixed with Certainty of future bliss; goals achieved; and ensuing hilarity of joyous present engagement! WOW!

Here at the RLR family we want to give you the full experience to live presently so that you ultimately can do, have, and be ultimately what God intended for you to be. As you set on your journey upward and onward never backward.  I know your future is as bright as the energy that you put forth in your communion with us. Now only if I could convince you all of that, then we will be on our way to making real magic. Well my fabulous Editor in chief of the Powerful R.L.R’s monthly Empowerment newsletter Ms. Smikle and I are passionately and dedicated, along with our outstanding content driven R.L.R Coaches, Expert advisors and Thought leaders; we aim to do just that! Remember guys as always, 1st Class is not just where you sit –It’s already who you are! Finally, here’s to perfect Self- love and self -expression always…Now go ahead, Break Through!

–Love ya,

M.A.Rasheed, World Class High Performance and Business Success Coach, Master Ontologist; and Founder of Real Life Renewal Inc. He is also available for High Performance Business Group Consulting. With emphasis on business strategies designed to improve overall business production and sales performance. Private coaching is available as well via appointment. He can also be reached in regards to speaking to your group at as well as any inquiries for all RLR related services.

What are your rituals?

    By Priscilla Smikle      

    Rituals.  What does it mean to you?  What is the reason for having one? For me, when I was first introduced to the concept of rituals I immediately thought of religion. I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to look to religion to find a rituals to aid you. It can be entirely tailor made as well as a personal activity for you. I didn’t always find it necessary to develop one. I was what you may call spiritually lazy. I always seemed to be running around like a chicken without a head and could not understand why! I felt like my life was in chaos and actually entertained myself with the thought of what else could go wrong. It was like a game of how bad can it get and laughed at myself when life met that challenge. It was like I was trapped on a crazy train, that I happened to be driving!  It was exhausting. Thankfully after some self-reflection and study, I raised my standards. I realized I didn’t have to live that way anymore. Having rituals to me is about having and implementing daily habits that can improve your life greatly. It has for me. I went from a depressed and very angry person (with a sense of humor) to a person that now goes with the flow. I have the innate knowledge that I am responsible for my own life. I now have control of the direction of my life, even if it seems like outside factors have contributed. Implementing this new way of life has allowed me to be centered and genuinely happy. The way I see it, rituals gives you a solid way to accomplish your daily goals in the easiest and most efficient way possible.

Rituals, when done in an intentional way, can bring about the calm needed to focus and navigate the day. I know for some, the idea of adding something else to their day seems like mission impossible. Many feel that they can’t manage to fit yet another thing into their busy life. What if I told you that you are already engaging in rituals? Yup, every and each day! Sure it might not be a formal ritual, or something you have put thought into but it’s still one. Granted you may not have been doing it on purpose or were even aware of it. Most times it just happens by default. Let’s go through a typical day and you’ll see what I mean.

Wake up maybe cursing the sun that you must get up or hitting the snooze for the 5th time. Check email, social media, text messages, news sites, etc. before even getting out of bed. Finally get out of bed and start your particular grooming routine. Maybe have breakfast before rushing out the door to work or school. Or maybe you have to take the kids to school then you shuttle off to work. Get to your destination and depending on how much you like your profession or workplace, engage in conversation with coworkers before you officially start the day. Then by say 9:30, you start the task in front of you. Then by about 9:35 you start the countdown to lunch (let’s be honest). By1:00 you maybe high tail it out of there before the crazy lunch crowd eats into your precious hour or enjoy a blissful hour at your desk catching up on social medial (oh how you’ve missed Facebook). Then let’s say by 2:05 you slowly get back to work silently counting down until 5pm. 5:00 comes and you can’t get out of there fast enough (don’t even look at me with that question you should have asked a half hour ago random colleague make your way to the exit and head home sweet home. Get home, maybe with kids in tow and get ready for round 3 of the day. Get some dinner and settle in for the night. Now it’s time to get ready for the next day. By now about 10:00pm so you might collapse into bed and hopefully fall asleep quickly. That is of course if you haven’t checked in with email, social media, news sites, etc.

Sounds more or less like a typical day right? Now imagine doing that every day, let’s say 5 days a week for just a year. That is a whopping 245 days (excluding vacation days and holidays)! Now within that 245 days how many of those times were devoted to your spiritual self? Or your dreams and desires? Or even deliberately intending how your day played itself out? How much of that time was spent expressing gratitude to all that you do have?

Now just think about this, what if you were able to just insert 10 to 15 minutes for yourself? Not just doing mindless activities but really working towards improving the life you want. That could be finding more time to feel centered, improving focus, or attracting experiences that you want.

The rituals that many of us do employ, really does nothing to serve us. More often than not, it reminds us of what we are missing or aching for. With all the distractions we happily welcome into our lives sometimes has a surprising side effect for us. For many focus is the casualty or side effect that is often seen. Sometimes it can also bring us feelings of the lack in our lives. This creeps up through boredom, pessimism, frustration, worry, blame, anger, insecurity, etc…you get the picture. How does this make you feel? Not good I bet. I’ve been there for way too long myself. Sometimes we are just in a crummy mood and can’t understand why. Society and our own social circles may have us believing that this is perfectly normal. I mean who the heck is happy all the time? I would like to counter with this; who the heck wants to be miserable all the time?! Now, what if I told you that yes, you can happy…Anytime YOU WANT. Please don’t get me wrong this isn’t a condemnation on social media, not at all. Social media can be a great resource for connection and many of you have connected to Real Life Renewal or our blog the Love Bar because of it. So to put it into perspective it is a resource that has its place, but not a place to model your life on.

I’m going to share with you one of my rituals that I use to start my day. Now a little background on myself:  I’m single mom of two boys; I’m self-employed and I drive every day to and from Manhattan from Brooklyn each day in rush hour (if you’ve ever driven in through NYC during rush hour traffic you know why it’s important to be centered). My arsenals of tools in no particular order that can be used on any given day are:

  1. Quiet surroundings

  2. breathing exercises

  3. Prayers

  4. Visualization (daydreaming)

  5. Expressing gratitude;

  6. Exercise

  7. Meditation

  8. Music/dancing. I know this seems like a lot but some days some methods work better than others and it’s always good to have variety.

My daily ritual starts even before I get out of bed. I sit up and do a meditation which consists of deep breathing exercises during the work week which takes about 15 minutes. On the weekends I prefer to do a guided meditation as well as my breathing exercise. Then, I get out of bed, wake up the kids and we all do our morning prayers. On my commute I try to make my time work for me and try to build up my day with some good energy I’ll put on the music and dance right in my seat. I try to avoid angry and sad songs and opt for upbeat music to reflect what I would like to see my mood for the morning. You want to listen to something that not only makes you move, but also feels uplifting to you. Most times, I would see traffic lighten up right before my eyes or most times I’m just having such a great time I don’t even notice. When I get home I will get a brief workout in about 20-30 min before I head into work. My workouts are pretty what I prefer to do. It can be something fun like the “Just Dance” game for the Wii; a workout DVD; a walk/ run routine in the park. While I’m settled in working on a project I make sure I’m totally present and I certainly utilize my Do Not Disturb feature on my phone. When I find that I need a break I entertain myself with a little daydreaming or visualization. I focus on how I want a certain project or certain goal to play out. I know it won’t necessarily pan out exactly the way I envision, but it’s still fun to feel those feelings of having or achieving it. Even well before it comes to pass, it just feels good to know it’s possible. That’s just my extra motivation I give to myself without all the real world pressure that can attach itself to it. By the end of my day I’ve probably used pretty much all of my arsenal, but one thing I do without fail every night is to replay my day. Then right before bed, I find peace and quiet then employ my breathing exercises to help me relax and be ready for a restful and rejuvenating sleep. I do this to reconcile my day and take stock of how it went. I forgive myself for whatever I found lacking in the day. Then I feel a little excited that I can start the day over and feel better. I can then give my offering of gratitude to source for allowing me to enjoy another day; good or bad.

Now, what will your new ritual consist of? What would you like to see your day to day turn into?  You don’t have to use all that I do, just do what’s right for you. I hope a glimpse into my day has inspired you to see what’s possible in our hectic lives. I hope you are able to change your current ritual and bring a little joy to yourself each day. Being spiritually lazy is no longer an option for me…don’t be that girl (or guy). Be the person you look forward to being with each and every day.  With a few new habits you can cultivate just that. Remember YOU are the first cause in making a better YOU one day at a time!

-Priscilla Smikle is currently the Editor-in-Chief of RLR E-Magazine as well as a RLR Performance Coach

7 Tips for a Breakthrough Mindset (From the September 2014 Newsletter)

By Antonia “Dr. M” Martinez

We all run into challenges from time to time that disrupt our confidence, progress, focus, of belief in our potential for success. Here are a few strategies for getting into a mindful, breakthrough space to manifest the results you want from the inside out. So without hesitation here are some tips to get you started and point you in the right direction!

  1. Don’t do anything to get what you want. Only do what matters.

“Steps you’ve already taken, are currently taking, or will take to succeed mean nothing if they just run you around in circles.”

  • Take the action that has the most direct, immediate and positive impact on your goal.
  • Don’t waste energy trying to do everything you can. Just do what needs to be done.
  • Avoid detours. Confront obstacles that are directly in your path.
  1. Don’t chase success. Invite it.

“Some walls are just doors you refuse to open. Success doesn’t visit while you’re not home or where it’s not welcome.”

  • Create the internal and external conditions that make the success you want possible and sustainable.
  • Nurture the skills, traits or relationships that attract what you want.
  • Make room in your life (and on your calendar) for your success to materialize.
  1. You don’t have to believe in yourself. You just need to commit.

“Fear, procrastination, doubt, etc. slow you down. But a lack of momentum can stop your progress cold.”

  • Commit to putting one foot in front of the other. You will move forward whether you believe you can or not.
  • Keep your momentum steady and focused to break out of negative cycles, patterns, and habits.
  • Don’t take failure personally. If you’re committed to succeeding, keep practicing and evolving until you do.
  1. You don’t deserve anything you get. You get what you accept.

“Whether you “deserved” a big blow to your progress is moot the moment you choose to be defeated by it. Break through it.”

  • Be ready, able and fearless about not settling for “scraps”.
  • Only accept what you really want.
  • Take effective, proactive steps to create what you desire.
  1. Simplify your life around what you want most.

“Some obstacles are just unfinished business you have left behind. Circumventing them can distract your focus from your goal.”         

  • Clean up the messes and handle your business!
  • Clear your calendar of activities that are in direct opposition to your goal so you can make dates with success.
  • Eliminate the physical, mental and emotional clutter that distracts from the life and success you want
  1. Don’t try to fix everything. Stabilize the core—and the rest will work itself out.

Everything going wrong can signal deeper problems that persist while you’re distracted with oiling squeaky wheels.”

  • Stop and take a BIG step back. Put distance between you and the “symptoms” you experience to gain perspective.
  • Look for the common denominator that’s affecting different problem areas in your life.
  • Bring stability to the root cause of problems. Interrelated circumstances will begin to fall in line naturally.
  1. Build yourself up! Your barriers will naturally come down.

“Some barriers are just big holes where your power should be. Uncover resources to outgrow your limitations and evolve”.

  • Zero in on the situation you want to get into rather than the one you want to get out of.
  • Pinpoint what you have to change about yourself to be in natural harmony with what you want.
  • Develop a new philosophical approach and/or action plan to become the success story you want to be.


Learn even more powerful practices and applications for breakthroughs in all areas in your life. Visit Dr.M for amazing information and upcoming events on her website at

Financial Literacy

So many of us have learned the basics in school, Reading, writing and Arithmetic. It has served society well in the past but in this day and age the economy hasn’t been what it used to be. Know is the time to learn to build up your financial literacy. Long gone are the days where just having a “good job” is enough to have financial security as well as just making ends meet. There are a multitude of avenues you can take to acquire your own financial freedom. The days of depending on someone else for your security will now become a distant memory.

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